造反阿嬤 Two Raging Grannies

挪威、義大利、丹麥 Norway - Italy - Denmark 2013 77 min Håvard BUSTNES


2014 首爾綠色影展最佳影片 Best Feature Film, Green Film Festival in Seoul

2014 西雅圖影展 Seattle International Film Festival




Armed with courage, humor, a long friendship and a zest for life, Shirley and Hinda take to cities and towns across the US to engage everyone from the recently homeless to university students to growth economists and Wall Street tycoons, questioning the sustainability of continued economic growth, and demonstrating that it is never – ever – too late to get out and make a difference.





9/29 一 15:20 華山一廳│ 10/1 三 17:00 華山二廳│ 10/4 六 19:00 華山一廳



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