再見馬修,再見 Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

美國 USA 2013 89 min Michele JOSUE


2013 阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片影展觀眾票選獎

Audience Favorite, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

2013 邁阿密同志電影節觀眾票選獎 Audience Award for Best Documentary, Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival



1998 年秋天,二十一歲的同志馬修.謝巴德被人發現綁在柵欄上渾身是血。他的不幸促成了美國仇恨犯罪法立法,從此馬修之名成為爭取同志人權的悲傷象徵。導演蜜雪兒是馬修生前好友,在他過世十多年後,藉由影像以及家人朋友的回憶,重構這個陽光男孩的面貌。對於深愛馬修的人而言,既是悼念,亦是重生。

On October 7, 1998, University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard was brutally beaten and tied to a fence left to die because he was gay. Fifteen years later, Michele Josue, a close friend of Matt's, revisits the shocking case with never-before-seen photos, and rare video footage, as Shepard's all-too-brief life is remembered through the vivid testimonies

of those who knew him best. New revelations emerge in one of the most notorious hate crimes in US history, leading to a searing, poignant, and multilayered biographical and sociological portrait. In the end, the notion of forgiveness--embodied in the moving and courageous final act of Shepard's parents--takes on truly heroic proportions.





9/26 五 20:00 華山一廳 9/28 日 16:00 華山二廳 ★◎10/3 五 11:00 華山一廳




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