接近無限透明的海 My Love Awaits Me by the Sea

約旦、德國、巴勒斯坦、卡達 Jordan - Germany - Palestine - Qatar 2013 80 min Mais DARWAZAH


2013 加拿大多倫多國際電影節 Toronto International Film Festival

2013 杜拜國際電影節 Dubai International Film Festival



Mais Darwazah takes a first time journey back to her homeland, Palestine. She leaves a secluded reality and follows a lover whom she has never met- Hasan, a Palestinian artist, who unveils a beautiful and utopian world to her. Fairytale and reality are woven together to question the elusiveness of place and the need to believe in dreams. Throughout the film, both worlds of dream and reality provoke one another, to ask the questions of "How do you return to a place that only exists in your mind?" .





9/29 一 17:30 華山一廳│ 9/30 二 20:40 華山一廳│ 10/3 五 17:10 華山一廳




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