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在內之內 Within Within

英國、香港 UK - Hong Kong 2011 4 min │廖心愉Sharon LIU


2012 香港國際電影節 Hong Kong International Film Festival

2012 日本廣島國際動畫影展 International Animation Festival HIROSHIMA




"There are many things we cannot choose in life, no one can choose their parents. You have to learn to love them before even knowing them." Spoken words, hand drawn images and live footage collide beautifully, conjuring poetic moments that are fresh and original. Issues like identity crisis and our ambivalence with the mainland are nothing new.




9/26 五 13:30 華山二廳│ 9/30 二 12:50 華山二廳│ 10/3 五 18:50 華山二廳




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