我不壞,我是你爸媽 Tough Love

美國 USA201483 minStephanie WANG-BREAL


2014 加拿大Hot Docs 國際紀錄片影展Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

2014 美國全景紀錄片影展Full Frame Documentary Film Festival




Offering a rare look at the inner workings of the American child welfare system, Tough Love chronicles the lives of two parents-one in Seattle and one in New York City - as each fights to be reunited with children taken out of their homes. Through intimate, verité footage of both families, we witness first-hand the complex bureaucracy of America's child welfare system. Moreover, we come to understand the powerful role poverty and prejudice play in keeping parents and children apart-and the challenges parents must overcome in order to put their families back together.





9/28 日 13:00 華山一廳 9/30 二 14:30 華山二廳 10/2 四 11:00 華山一廳




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