凱薩查維斯的戰役 Cesar's Last Fast

美國 USA 2013 96 min Richard Ray PEREZ, Lorena PARLEE


2014 日舞影展Sundance Film Festival



1988 年美國拉丁裔農民凱薩‧ 查維斯,展開長達一個多月的絕食行動。他是聯合農場工人工會的創立者,時值 61 歲。為杯葛長期下來,在大規模農產品商業操作中,對於底層農民世世代代毫無慈悲的身體剝削,包括化學藥劑帶給加州葡萄生產者的勞動傷害。交錯親友訪談及歷史錄像片段,細膩深沉地敘述,無金錢、無權勢者的組織運動背後,種族與經濟階級上的反動,還有行動者「抵制」當權者的精神力量。

In the summer of 1988, Cesar Chavez embarked on a water-only fast – a personal act of penance for not having done enough to stop growers from spraying toxic pesticides on farm workers. For more than a month, no one knew when he would eat again. Structured around footage of Chavez's Fast for Life , the film overlook how Chavez organized U.S poorest, least educated workers, built a movement that successfully challenged powerful agribusiness, and launched the modern day Latino civil rights movement.





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