航向世界盡頭 Expedition to the End of the World

丹麥、瑞典 Denmark - Sweden201390 minDaniel DENCIK


2013 阿姆斯特丹國際紀錄片影展International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

2013 比利時Docville 紀錄片影展

Best International Documentary, International Documentary Film Festival Docville


影片敘述一段21 世紀的真實探險故事,攝影機隨著一艘滿載藝術家、科學家的三杆帆船航向世界的盡頭,探訪格陵蘭東北方正迅速融化的冰層。面對未知之境,他們開始質問生命。本片是當代的黑暗之心,反思西方文化的核心─探險精神,一如童年夢境中的絕美光景,嘲弄著人類征服自然的欲望。

This is a real adventure film for the 21st century. On a three-mast schooner packed with artists, scientists and ambitions worthy of Noah or Columbus, we set off for the end of the world, the rapidly melting massifs of North-East Greenland. An epic journey where the brave sailors on board encounter polar bear nightmares. Stone Age playgrounds and entirely new species. But in their encounter with new, unknown parts of the world, the crew of scientist and artists also confront existential questions of life.





9/29 一 20:00 華山一廳│ 10/1 三 18:00 華山一廳│ 10/5 日 15:00 華山二廳





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